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About Us



Empowering Organisations in Hazardous Industries

Petrotechnics was founded with a vision to keep more people safe in hazardous industries.  We help companies improve their Production Efficiency and reduce Operational Risk.

We provide easy to use world class scalable solutions that empower organisations in hazardous industries from the boardroom to the frontline to proactively manage the organisation to a less risky and more optimised performance.  Our award winning solutions have been helping customers transform their frontline operations for over the past 25 years by systematising and standardising policies, rules and risk management practices across the organisation to control and manage work safely and efficiently.

Our solutions move beyond EPTW products to provide dynamic support for the full spectrum of frontline work activity, broader operational business processes and the interrelated dependencies with other operational systems.  You can optimise how you manage workload against risk according to policy consistently across your organisation.

  • Simplified & Robust Control of Work provides clarity of the big issues at the frontline and unparalleled Control of Work depth where and when you need it and support for the broadest range of operational business processes.
  • Lower Operational Risk by understanding and managing the impact of workload on your critical safety barriers or lines of defence and optimise the schedule to get more work done safely.
  • Optimise Production Efficiency through a more integrated planning to execution process that optimises the plan at your pre-defined time horizons to significantly improve plan accuracy.
  • Improve Policy Management to achieve corporate objectives, demonstrate regulatory compliance and drive continuous improvement of operational practices.

Working with our solutions our customers see real tangible ROI and improved Production Efficiency.

  • Reduction in unplanned shutdowns
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Significant reduction in permit wait time
  • Reduction in contractor wait times
  • Ability to reduce the maintenance backlog

  • Line of sight on frontline operational risk
  • Improved operational safety
  • Enhances risk/safety culture
  • Increased level of frontline risk management capabilities

By accessing our experience and expertise, our customers lead the way as operational leaders who understand and proactively manage the relationship between performance and risk, to drive continuous improvements across their organisations.