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About Us



Empowering Organisations in Hazardous Industries

Find out why customer trust Petrotechnics to improve cost management, lower risk & optimise productionPetrotechnics was founded with a vision to keep more people safe in hazardous industries.

For 25 years, Petrotechnics has pioneered innovative enterprise software solutions that empower companies to improve the sustainability of their businesses by reducing risk and improving the productivity of operations. Our flagship software solution, Proscient, is an enterprise operations excellence management solution that enables people throughout an organization to change the safety-productivity dynamic by collectively understanding the uncertainty around all risk to make better decisions around the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of operations.

With increased visibility of all activity and risk, companies are able to get more of the right activity done safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Petrotechnics goes beyond the software, bringing people and process together with technology to deliver big tangible business benefits across an entire organization. Our proven track record, hands on engagement methodology and deep operational expertise of translating the intent of policy into operational success is unparalleled.

We work with companies in hazardous industries all around the world who are best in class or aspire to be best in class. Companies look to us to help them change the safety productivity dynamic in their organization to concurrently harness safety, efficiency and effectiveness to drive operational excellence. It is the complete Petrotechnics package; our people, our understanding of how to apply industry best practices, our engagement model and our pioneering technologies that provide the foundation for a sustainable business platform that helps companies not only succeed, but excel in today’s competitive business landscape.

Petrotechnics helps companies with best in class operational excellence ambitions change the safety productivity dynamic.

  • We don’t just talk about simplifying the complexities of frontline operations for our clients, we have done it for 25 years!
  • Others talk (and talk) about delivery and deployment but ultimately drive up project risk. We have a long track record of on-time, on-budget delivery that drives down project risk
  • Our proven engagement model typically allows our customers regardless of their level of readiness to move from initial engagement to first go-live, in just a few months’ time.
  • We strive to be an honest and trusted advisor who is committed to delivering value and results for our customers
  • Our people are deeply passionate and committed to improving the safety and productivity of our customer’s operations… it’s why they do what they do!
  • The operational experience of having done it “time and time again” provides our people the unmatched industry expertise to translate the intent of your policies, rules and practices into consistent and systematized operational practice.
  • Our software solutions are proven with more than 15 million “in production” operational hours across 700 diverse sites around the world.
  • Proscient is an “off the shelf” enterprise software solution with an extensive and flexible configuration layer providing significantly less risk than software requiring custom software development with its inevitable delays, higher support costs and reliance on the vendor for even small configuration changes.
  • Proscient is a single common enterprise application and not a series of loosely architected and stitched together modules.
  • Implement Proscient today by licensing the capabilities you need and seamlessly grow into the full enterprise solution at your own pace without having to install additional software.