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Track Record



A Holistic Solution to Critical Operational Challenges

Over the past 25 years, Petrotechnics has pioneered, proven and successfully delivered solutions that transform how work is carried out at the frontline in hazardous industries.   Through the use of our award winning technology solutions linking people, process and the plant together, Petrotechnics helps organizations optimise production efficiency and lower operational risk.  We help you get more work done safely, sustainably and efficiently.

Whether it’s one plant or a global deployment and rollout as an organization we know first-hand the challenges of executing and completing a rollout on time, on budget and according to specification.  Our customers select us because they want more than a simple piece of software or to digitize paper processes; they want the peace of mind that comes from the tangible benefits a holistic solution to their critical operational challenges provides.

Our solutions are used on a daily basis helping organizations improve production efficiency and lower operational risk.

  • More than 80,000 users
  • Across 700 sites
  • In 22 countries
  • For more than 13 million operational hours
Our customers typically see tangible hard ROI in the form of:

  • Fewer unplanned shutdowns
  • Faster and more efficient turnarounds
  • Reduced maintenance backlog
  • Reduction in permit & contractor wait time
  • Improved understanding management of operational risk

Our background, track record and passion about keeping people safe can help you be more successful whether it’s a single plant or a global implementation.