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Why Join Petrotechnics?

We provide easy to use world class scalable solutions that empower organisations in hazardous industries from the boardroom to the frontline to proactively manage the organisation to a less risky and more optimised performance.

Our goal is to keep people safe in hazardous industries all around the world.

It’s an ambitious goal, and everything we do is in service to meeting and exceeding that goal. We constantly push the boundaries and lead the way in the industry. We’ve been pioneers for the past 25 years and we’re eager to continue building on that reputation and success as we grow into additional industries and geographies.  Our award winning software solutions and proven services make a real difference.  They help keep people safe and enable companies to run more efficiently with less operational risk.  Each and every day we can see the positive impact of our work.

Being market leaders isn’t easy and certainly isn’t for everyone but we’re proud of our company culture which has seen us earn an unrivalled reputation for innovation and excellence in the industry.