Liz Croughan

Liz joined Petrotechnics from Pragma systems. She defines and leads our global recruitment, retention and personal development strategy, with a focus on growing our global family of talent. She [...]

Paul Thomas

Joining Petrotechnics in 2011, Paul has over twenty-five years of software development experience. He is a software R&D leader with an engineering background and ‘hands on’ experience in [...]

Scott Lehmann

Scott has strategic responsibility for market and product segmentation, defining and delivering market driven products and solutions. Scott joined Petrotechnics in 2010 with more than twenty [...]

Mike Neill

Mike Neill is the President of Petrotechnics USA. With more than 35 years of experience, Mike has helped to improve safety and performance management for companies in hazardous industries around [...]

Alec Harcus

Alec is responsible for Petrotechnics’ worldwide finance, accounting and internal IT. He has over 15 years of experience working with companies in the oil and gas services industry. Before [...]

Iain Mackay

Joining Petrotechnics in 1998, Iain leads the organisation’s global solutions delivery and support organisation and is key to delivering global customer rollouts on time and on budget. [...]

Phil Murray

In 1989, Phil recognised the need to provide technology-based solutions to hazardous industries to reduce operational risk, and to help them move beyond compliance to optimise operational [...]