Visualise interrelated risk with Proscient. And bridge the gap between plan and reality.

Shutdown turnaround outages (STO) and Turnarounds (TO) are a fact of life. Getting them right is tough. The numbers paint a vivid picture of the complexity of an STO: they can involve more than 40,000 separate jobs and the duration averages between 20 and 60 days, depending on the work required*.

A recent Oil & Gas IQ poll on STO trends demonstrated the challenges of STO effectiveness:

  • 25% of shutdown professionals ranked their shutdowns at less than 5 out of 10 where “1” is terrible and “10” is flawless
  • 45% said the principal source of over-runs was scope creep
  • 33% said sub-sufficient planning was the main threat to efficient project management

The need for a technological solution

It’s tempting to see the solution as solely an exercise in planning with a detailed “follow the manual approach” for staff and contractors.

The real problem occurs when the plan meets real time. Even the most sophisticated plan has gaps, and those gaps often involve risk. Trying to adjust in real time to the risk created from unexpected outcomes, events or delays can mean costly overruns and increased risk exposure.

Visualising risk and activity with Proscient

Proscient, the industry’s first software platform for Operational Excellence, brings all the activity and risk into one place.

This is key. Proscient gives you the ability to visualise risk before an STO even begins. Everyone can see the big picture. By seeing how all of the tasks, hazards and risks involved – and in particular the critical path items – come together:

  • Planners can better see how the entire programme of work can be delivered safely
  • Front-line engineers can understand the causes and consequences of their particular tasks
  • HSE can ensure that standardised risk awareness and risk-assessment practices, policies and roles are embedded across the STO
  • Operators can optimise plans both prior to and during the execution phase, by proactively adjusting schedules to reprioritise work as conditions and risk change on the ground

The result? A more effective STO as Proscient builds the bridge between executing the STO plan and the operational reality.

* PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index – Industrial Projects, Implementation Resources 113-2, Third Edition, Construction Industry Institute, Austin, TX, 2008


Three screens, one operational reality


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  • Now we can understand our operational risk, see how it impacts the operational reality and make decisions with confidence.

  • Now we can prioritise our 14/28/90-day plans to manage risk and optimise production.

  • Incorporating my shift diary in Proscient gives me a complete picture of scheduled activity, risk and Ops resource in my part of the plant.

  • I can now use Proscient’s visualisation to actively manage workload, risk and resources in real time.

  • Process Safety Management is now connected to its impact on operations – so everyone can make better operational decisions.

  • Better operational decisions are creating measurable efficiencies – and improving my leading risk indicators.

  • "Process safety became part of the vernacular of the energy business… However, it has also led to a reduction in responsibility and understanding of operational risk by operations staff… In other words, operational risk has come to mean process safety and has been separated from operational performance as a whole, with the former managed by safety professionals and the latter by operational professionals."

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