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Move Beyond Compliance in the Riskiest Parts of your Operations

Companies operating across hazardous industries are under pressure from stakeholders to reduce operational risk and improve performance in the light of increased regulatory requirements. Increasing pricing pressures from up and coming geographies is driving the requirement to increase production efficiency across the chemicals industry and companies continue to strive to improve HSE records by providing safer environments for workers.

Chemical companies can benefit from Petrotechnics’ extensive experience of managing work in hazardous industry to address these challenges.  In any organisation in hazardous industries there are three primary elements; the Plant, the People and the Interaction between the People and the Plant. The safe, effective running of the plant is dependent on the frontline decision making and adherence to policies and procedures taken by workers subject to bias driven by production target pressures, lack of experience, inappropriate training, or cultural pressures.

Petrotechnics’ Proscient significantly reduces the reliance on frontline worker decision making. Proscient intelligently embeds corporate and regulatory policies and processes ensuring they are consistently delivered in frontline practice.  Chemical companies using the tool have the ability to achieve not only an appropriate compliance regime, but the ability to move beyond compliance in the riskiest part of their operations.  It provides the means to ensure a shared view of the key operational risks of the Interaction of People with the Plant from the frontline to the boardroom.