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Operational Excellence for Downstream Oil


Maximised Operational Performance that’s Safer and More Cost Effective

From crude supply, trading and refining through to product distribution, marketing and retail, the downstream sector is broad and faces the same pressures as the upstream and midstream sectors to deliver in terms of safety, productivity and efficiency.

As global demand continues to increase, operators in the downstream sector are under pressure to find new ways to work smarter, more efficiently and have the ability to react quickly to new legislation.  While many recognise that behavioural change, commitment from senior management, oversight and pro-active decision making is a key factor in improving and achieving safety targets; there is a challenge in equipping organisations with the right tools and technology required to support this and address new forms of enterprise safety and risk issues.

Petrotechnics’ Proscient delivers operational assurance and predictive risk indicators for hazardous frontline activities while addressing key Asset Integrity Management (barrier impairment) requirements. Our solutions enable downstream operators to shift to a pro-active, predict and prevent culture, providing the ultimate solution for cost-effective, safer, and maximised operational performance.

Our solutions have been implemented and proven across a range of downstream operations, including:

  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Petroleum product distribution
  • Natural gas distribution
  • LNG
  • Storage