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Operational Excellence for Drilling


Systematise Policy Implementation and Ensure Consistent Compliance

Organisations are placing significant efforts on improving the safe co-ordination of drilling operations through the development and strengthening of their policies and procedures.  By empowering frontline managers and supervisors with a stronger set of policies and procedures, decision making can become safer and better.

Petrotechnics helps Drilling Operators to put policy into operational practice by systematise and standardise policy implementation and ensure consistent compliance.  Rather than just simply relying on the experience and expertise of frontline supervisors, Petrotechnics’ solutions act as a decision support tool to manage break-ins, improve risk assessments and ensure these break-ins are properly controlled.  The data gathered using this technology delivers increased visibility across drilling operations providing supervisors with operational intelligence on the risk profiles they are carrying.  Frontline management are provided with accurate, real-time and predictive data from which to make safe operational decisions.