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Operational Excellence for Midstream Oil


Assurance, Visibility and Operational Integrity

The midstream oil & gas sector faces unique challenges when managing work activities.  Significant complexities arise as operations run through remote or hostile terrains; crossing mountains and bridging rivers, covering hundreds of kilometres and crossing regional and geographic boundaries. In addition to geographical and topographical problems, pipeline communication systems differ considerably around the world, particularly in rural and remote areas where communications often vary along the route of the operations.  Although remote from operational centres, pipelines and their supporting network, such as pumping stations, are subject to the same work control requirements as other hazardous industry sites.

Introducing technology to implement procedures and processes across the pipeline network can deliver significant efficiency and safety benefits. Petrotechnics’ Proscient Operational Performance and Predictive Risk solution provides a consistent approach for scheduling and managing work across the network, giving the assurance, visibility and operational integrity needed to ensure that frontline work is carried out in conformance to Operator and Industry standards. The unprecedented visibility and real time updates of operations being carried out across the network allows conflicting work to be identified immediately and reducing the likelihood of SIMOPS clashes that can lead to incidents.

Our solutions have been designed for, implemented and proven in remote and hazardous environments within the midstream sector, including:

  • Pipeline Networks
  • LNG Plants
  • Onshore Gas Plants
  • Lube Oil Processing
  • Packaging Plants