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Operational Excellence for Upstream Oil


Deliver Up-to-Date Regulations and Best Practice Directly to the Frontline

Organisations operating in the upstream sector of the oil & gas industry have utilised Petrotechnics solutions for over 25 years to manage and control work, increase efficiency and improve safety across their global operations.  Our clients have recognised the benefits that our solution delivers at diverse, remote and extreme locations from the Gulf of Mexico to Sakhalin Island.

Leveraging the data collected as part of routine work, Petrotechnics utilises systems and technologies to transform business processes and operations.  Petrotechnics’ Proscient platform enables organisations to deliver the most up to date regulation and best practice directly to the frontline, while the embedded rigour ensures that these procedures are followed.  Furthermore, the technology provides the means to capture frontline data which can be used to measure how well the policies are implemented.

The typical offshore facility is an intense concentration of high risk environments, subject to changing hazardous conditions due to breaking containment of hydrocarbons at high pressures and temperatures, highly integrated kit, atmospheric conditions, and working at sea.

Petrotechnics solutions have been in operation in offshore environments for over 25 years, with considerable experience across:

  • Offshore Production Platform
  • Deepwater
  • FPSO
The requirement for visibility, control and embedded rigour over operations in upstream oil & gas is never more prolific than in onshore upstream operations.  Facilities are large and dispersed over multiple locations, regions and geographies.

Petrotechnics solutions acts as a valuable communication tool, facilitating knowledge transfer between multiple assets, areas and responsibilities within:

  • Integrated Operations
  • Shale Gas
  • Pipelines