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Operations Excellence Management

Proscient is an enterprise ready Operations Excellence Management software platform for hazardous industries. It helps your organisation reduce operational risk and improve the productivity of operations. Proscient simplifies the complexities of frontline operations by exposing the risks and identifying the barriers to safe and efficient work execution.

With Proscient you can visualise and manage operational risk and activity in order to make smarter, safer operational decisions. Proscient’s collaborative risk based work execution capabilities bridge the gaps in the work management process improving coordination and collaboration across Maintenance, Operations, Planning, HSE and Engineering functions and ensure a unified approach from the frontline to the boardroom.

By better connecting key elements of the work management process such as integrated activity planning, workload prioritisation, operational risk management and work control and execution Proscient provides a common and practical view of operational risk across the organisation. Frontline workers and senior leaders are empowered to make better decisions around workload and operational risk. With powerful capabilities to manage and optimise workload against risk, Proscient helps you get more of the right work done safely, efficiently and sustainably to improve the asset integrity of your plants and keep your people safe.

Proscient can provide your organisation with significant business benefits:

  • Improve the asset Integrity of your plants through better maintenance effectiveness
  • Increase and optimise operational efficiency
  • Proactively manage and reduce operational risk
  • Improve safety performance and keep people safe
  • Optimise production efficiency with fewer unplanned shutdowns and faster shutdowns and turnarounds

The Proscient platform provides an extensive and flexible enterprise platform to manage all of your frontline work activity and operational risk across your operations. With Proscient you have the flexibility to address your immediate requirements today and then as your needs evolve; grow at your own pace to take advantage of Proscient broad range of capabilities.

The following are the three tightly integrated areas of Proscient software packages:

Proscient’s Work Control & Execution package simplifies the complexities of frontline operations. It offers the most robust and comprehensive frontline work execution solution on the market today. Proscient moves your organisation beyond electronic permit to work (EPTW) to Risk Based Work Execution.

With easy to use capabilities it helps your frontline workforce better execute frontline work activity safely and efficiently. With unrivalled depth of capabilities where it matters most; Proscient Work Control & Execution provides plant management with the easy to use tools to ensure work is properly defined, risk assessed, controlled and managed throughout its lifecycle.

Proscient Work Control & Execution helps your organisation improve operational safety and operational efficiency.

Proscient’s Operational Management & Schedule Optimisation software packages can help your organisation better manage your work execution challenges to safely and efficiently deliver your near term work schedules.

With real-time visualisation of the dynamically changing schedule of live and scheduled work in time and space, Proscient helps you proactively manage and optimise your frontline work activity against all risk in the dynamic context of operations. As part of a broader integration with other work management systems Proscient can play a key role to optimise the prioritisation to planning to execution process at different time horizons (e.g. 90 day, 28 day, 14/7 day and in the operational window).

Proscient’s Operational Risk Management (ORM) software packages provide real-time predictive risk visualisation and management capabilities across your operations.

They provide your organisation with a common and practical way to understand and manage the operational risk consequences of the process safety risk associated with day to day operations. They automatically monitor the status of safety critical barriers (e.g. Independent Protection Layers (IPL), Layers of Defence or Safety Critical Elements (SCE)) and other factors associated with workload, plant activity or conditions.

With a better understanding of the nature and drivers of operational risk, your frontline staff and senior leaders are empowered to make better decisions around your operations. Proscient’s dynamic capabilities to proactively manage and mitigate risk can be used to manage and optimise workload against risk to reduce operational risk, improve the integrity of your plants and keep your people safe.