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Proscient – Operational Risk Management Package (ORM)

The Proscient ORM package allows you to systematically and practically manage operational risk across your plants. Proscient provides you with operational decision support your frontline management can use to understand the impact of workload on your critical safety barriers or lines of defence.   With real-time monitoring of the cumulative risk associated with the current workload against the backdrop of residual risk of dynamic plant conditions in the form of barrier impairments, plant management has a set of dynamic capabilities to proactively manage and mitigate risk in relation to the plan.  Workload can then be safely and efficiently optimized and prioritized at each time horizon of the planning to execution work management business process to drive higher levels of production efficiency and lower risk.

Proscient’s ORM package allows you to:

  • Automatically capture dynamic operational risk related data (plant conditions, planned and live workload, other factors etc…)
  • Link Asset Integrity Risk with Cumulative Workload Risk and other dimensions of Risk to understand the holistic Operational risk you are carrying
  • Dynamically visualize a common view of Operational Risk across your plants and disciplines- in Time, in Space (Area, Plant etc…)
  • Improve Operational  Decision Support to proactively manage  human performance and activity workload against operational risk

  • Manage the integrity risk associated with impairments to the barriers (technical, operational and organizational safeguards and controls).
  • Understand how specific Tasks are impacting barriers & overall operational risk

  • Go beyond simple rules based job/permit based conflict detection (SimOps)
  • Manage the total risk associated with the combination of all of the intervention work occurring in a plant or area at a given time.
  • Account for the risks associated with the type of work, the volume of work, the human factors, environmental factors and other factors
  • Provides Operational Decision support your frontline can use to optimize the schedule to lower risk and improve efficiency.

  • Understand ORM trends and plant health metrics
  • Optimize decision making around upcoming work program priorities.
  • Build Process Safety key performance indicators as per API RP 754 Tier 3 & 4