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Work Control & Execution



Proscient – Work Control & Execution

Proscient’s Work Control & Execution software package simplifies the complexities of frontline operations. It offers the most robust and comprehensive frontline work execution solution on the market today. Proscient moves your organisation beyond electronic permit to work (ePTW) to Risk Based Work Execution.

Proscient provides a collaborative risk based work execution solution allowing you to more holistically and efficiently manage all frontline work activity in an integrated and seamless manner than legacy ePTW products. From simple routine tasks and activities to complex multi-step jobs, through permits with rigorous approval workflows and associated policy related safety rules, Proscient moves beyond ePTW.

It is a tightly integrated and easy to use solution that takes no shortcuts and embodies the experience, expertise and commitment to operational excellence that our customers all share. With easy to use capabilities it helps your frontline workforce better execute frontline work activity safely and efficiently.

Proscient Work Control & Execution helps your organisation:

  • Keep your people safe
  • Standardise and harmonise your policies into consistent operational practice
  • Improve operational safety performance
  • Improve productivity of operations
  • Get more of the right work done safely and efficiently

Proscient makes it easier for your operational and maintenance staff and contractors to have clarity of the big issues at the frontline. User centric business processes ensure compliance with your policies and drive positive and efficient outcomes.

With unrivalled depth of capabilities where it matters most; Proscient Work Control & Execution provides plant management with the easy to use tools to ensure work is properly defined, risk assessed, controlled and managed throughout its lifecycle. Benefit from unparalleled Control of Work depth where and when you need it and support for the broadest range of operational business processes.

  • Manage and control all frontline work activity from simple routine tasks and activities to complex multi-step jobs, through permits with rigorous approval workflows and associated policy related safety rules
  • Universal Risk Assessment capabilities provide a range of tools for work parties to ensure work is risk assessed to ALARP levels
  • Intelligent Isolations capability covers the full range of isolations from the static to dynamically changing, to be managed in one consolidated isolation plan
  • A powerful and flexible workflow engine ensures support for the full range of your business and state models across all of your work activities
  • Corporately defined baseline risk assessments templates ensure your corporate baselines are followed for hazardous tasks, operational risk assessments and non-standard isolations.
  • A dynamic rules engine allows you to ensure your business processes are followed
  • Modern and easy to use native iOS and Android based mobility in online and offline modes with capabilities for worksite gas testing, isolation point management, worksite audits, QR & bar code scanning and the efficient return of permits during shift close outs.
  • Streamlined human factors driven intuitive and personalised user experience promoting job context and hazard awareness to the frontline at the right time.
  • Use of intelligent visual indicators throughout the applications to provide users with increased awareness of job state, hazards and risk
  • Embedded access to eLearning provides fingertip access to inline training specifically designed to help ease of adoption
  • Enhanced Decision Making
  • Automatically visualise and manage the dynamically changing workload in space with Proscient’s Google Maps style pan and zoom MapView
  • Easily identify and manage SIMOPS scenarios
  • Powerful Active Conflict & Dependency Detection provides visual notification of clashes and conflicts
  • Proscient Work Control & Execution is based on the extensive and flexible Proscient Operational Performance and Predictive Risk platform
  • Address your immediate requirements today and then as your needs evolve; grow at your own pace to take advantage of Proscient broad range of capabilities
  • Proscient’s Work Control Connector provides a flexible; standards based application programming interface (API) allowing integration with 3rd party tools or directly to other corporate systems such as SAP, Maximo, Primavera, Incident-Accident Tracking, GIS, etc…