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Sentinel Pro



Integrated Safe System of Work

Sentinel_colSentinel PRO® is the original Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) solution that manages frontline work execution, linking permit to work with the risk assessment and isolation management processes to create a fully integrated Control of Work System. It provides an effective solution to the challenges in the unstructured and dynamic nature of managing operations, maintenance and associated activity in the hazardous process industries.

It is the only ISSOW solution that has been deployed to the entirety of a global supermajor’s organization on time and on budget.  While other vendors will brag about their solutions and provide flashy smoke and mirror demos, they struggle with the basics, the ability and capacity to deliver solid, proven solutions that work in the real world in live production environments on time, on budget and to specification.

The robustness of Sentinel PRO is its core strength.  We don’t take for granted the ability to deeply and richly support your frontline business models.  The systems incorporate clear process flows for request and approval of work, a direct link to relevant Operating Procedures, readily-accessible archives of previous work (including lessons learned) and area, site and plant-level overview of all controlled work by approval stage, location, time, type and risk level. This ensures people are guided to the correct operational decisions appropriate to the actual conditions and context of the work at hand.

Rules, procedures and standards can be operationalised within the system to provide enhanced and structured decision making around risk assessment requirements, permit usage, isolations and operational risk assessments. Approval levels are either built-in to the process flow or handled by interaction of the relevant plant authorities as required.

Frontline workers are the first to embrace and flourish within the embedded process rigour and clear boundaries that Sentinel PRO® provides.  By establishing consistency with regard to the working conditions in which they are operating, the familiarity with systems and processes reduces risk. Sentinel PRO® ensures that the company policies and practices are actually being used on the ground and are effective as work cannot be done without using the system.