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Turning Your Vision into Tangible ROI, On Time Every Time

With over 25 years of working collaboratively with clients, our solutions have a proven track record of providing organisations in hazardous industries with peace of mind that they have the ability to improve production efficiency and lower operational risk.

We have substantial real world experience of managing and mitigating the complex business process and optimisation problems that arises from the Interaction between the Plant and The People in modern dynamic operational environments.

Our consultants can work with you to;

  • Improve Policy Management and develop strategies to ensure that you deliver systematised and standardised policy implementation and compliance across the whole organisation.
  • Optimise Production Efficiency by identifying and interpreting the operational risk and workload drivers in the planning and execution process and developing mitigating strategies to optimise the planning to execution process, increase wrench time and speed up turnarounds.
  • Lower Operational Risk by identifying and mitigating the cultural and systemic drivers that lead to chronic barrier impairment and the associated asset integrity risk and defining mitigate strategies to reduce risk and develop a self-sustaining safety first operational environment.

Working intimately with most of the world’s oil and gas operators, we have an unrivalled depth of domain experience and expertise into how your organisation can do more work safely.

We provide expert analysis, business planning, vision development, project planning, and business case creation. Ultimately we link your strategic vision to the real world operational and cultural changes you want to see in your production environment. We help deliver sustainable evolution in optimising production efficiency, lowering operational risk and improving policy management in ways that build continuous improvement and success.

Our consultants have built a long track record of client engagement success. Together with our award winning software solutions, proven methodologies and on the ground experience of helping our clients transform their frontline business processes and achieve greater operational efficiency and improved risk management, we act as trusted operational advisors to our clients worldwide.