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You’re facing increasingly complex operating conditions. With relentless pressure to cut costs – while simultaneously increasing productivity – in an environment of ever-more rigorous compliance and growing public scrutiny.

At Petrotechnics, we provide software and services to global organisations in hazardous industries. Our relentless innovation has resulted in the first software platform for Operational Excellence, aimed at reducing operational risk, while enhancing operational performance.

A way forward for the hazardous industries.

Operational Excellence.

Integrated visibility. Better decisions.

World-class performance.

Achieving world-class operational performance requires everyone in the organisation to make better, safer and more informed operational decisions. To do so, a new way of visualising and managing risk and activity across the organisation is required. But it’s worth it: EY say Operational Excellence could save the Oil and Gas industry alone over $30 billion over the next five years.*

*EY, “Driving operational performance in oil and gas

Introducing Proscient.

The hazardous industries’ first software platform for Operational Excellence.


Discover a dramatically different way to visualise and manage risk and activity across your operations. And see how you can take control of safety, costs and productivity.


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