Hazardous industry leaders believe digital transformation is key to operational excellence – but reveal some organizations are behind the curve


Sphera’s survey reveals digital transformation is fueling operational excellence (OE), but many companies are still trying to figure out what digital means for them

Chicago, US, February 26th, 2019 – Sphera has released the annual Operational Excellence Index (OEI) survey report today, which highlights trends in digital transformation and OE strategies across the hazardous industries.

Previously conducted by Petrotechnics, now a Sphera company, the index is in its third year of surveying oil and gas, chemical, energy and industry manufacturing professionals to gauge attitudes around OE and the measures taken towards its adoption. Year after year respondents agree, OE programs help reduce risk, cut costs, and improve productivity. The 2018/2019 survey reveals senior leaders are relying on technologies to support their OE initiatives and identifies where they are coming up short and what they could do to improve.

Read the complete news announcement on Sphera’s website.

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