Aberdeen, UK, 15 October 2018 – Petrotechnics, the developer of the world’s first software platform for operational excellence (OE), today launches its annual OE Index (OEI), which aims to assess the pace and impact of digital transformation in hazardous industries.

For the last two years, Petrotechnics has surveyed and published reports on the state and culture of OE. Last year’s survey examined how digitalisation was assisting companies in achieving OE. Over 73% of companies surveyed noted that digitalisation was helping accelerate their ability to deliver sustainable OE. This year the survey will uncover whether this acceleration is having practical benefits on the ground and where organisations are focusing their digital efforts and investments.

Scott Lehmann, VP of product management and marketing at Petrotechnics, says: “As demonstrated in last year’s survey, the hazardous industries are feeling the impact of digital disruption. For those who get digital transformation right, the payoff will be big in terms of improved asset management, increases in operational efficiency, and reduced operational risk. But change is hard, and there will always be technology, people, culture, and leadership challenges to overcome.

Stay tuned as this year’s survey will provide an interesting look into how much has changed, where organisations are focusing their attention and significantly where they are seeing digital ROI.”

The results of the survey will be used to develop an industry report and whitepaper. Take the OEI 2018 survey.

About Petrotechnics

Achieving world-class operational performance requires everyone in the organisation to make better, safer, and more-informed operational decisions. But it requires a new way of working that must be underpinned by a new kind of technology. Technology that gives every decision-maker an integrated, shared view of the entire operational reality – in real-time.

For nearly 30 years, Petrotechnics’ integrated operational excellence solutions have allowed operators in hazardous industries to collaborate across functional boundaries, automate key business processes, and eliminate the high cost and errors of inadequate planning and rework.

Petrotechnics’ Proscient offers a cutting-edge, practical approach to enable the digital transformation journey to the cloud through the use of an innovative, enterprise-wide, operational excellence software platform used by leading companies in hazardous industries. It’s tailor-made to simplify and automate complex planning, operations, maintenance and HSE processes, enabling a far more effective way to visualise and manage risk and activity. It delivers the practical benefits of digitalisation and the IIoT by bringing together disparate technologies and information from across the organisation to help everyone make better, more-informed operational decisions.

At Petrotechnics, we do everything we can to help companies achieve big gains – and they are never out of reach. Proscient enables you to think big, start small and scale fast. It’s the smart and low-risk approach to empower organisations’ OE programmes to deliver the tangible business advantages of digital transformation long been promised: cut costs, reduce risk and increase productivity. Are you ready to begin?

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