Aberdeen, UK, 26 June 2018 – Petrotechnics, the developer of Proscient – the hazardous industries’ first software platform for operational excellence – today launches Proscient v4.0, the first off-the-shelf software platform to fast-track companies’ journeys to digital operations.

Proscient v4.0 provides the first integrated view of the operational reality, with a radically different way to visualise and manage activity and risk. The platform intelligently unlocks a simple, elegant way of connecting activity planning, maintenance management, operations and the reality of how work is executed. Operations personnel can “operationalise” the schedule by bringing together all of work and safety dependencies to improve plan accuracy and attainment.

Proscient v4.0 also closes the gap between process safety management and operations. It automatically connects the health status of process safety-critical equipment, maintenance and inspection data to their cumulative risk impact on the operational reality of your plant. Process safety risk is presented in a way the whole organisation can understand – in time, location and in a dynamic barrier model. This makes major accident hazard risk visible, prominent and available in real-time.

Adoption rates for Proscient have accelerated rapidly in the last 12 months as companies move to implement their digital vision. The technology is currently deployed or being deployed by nine North Sea operators including Petrofac, Teekay and Neptune Energy on more than 40 assets and by two operators on 12 assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Proscient is also picking up pace in the downstream and petrochemical industries, including ongoing deployments with BASF, Saudi Aramco and Petronas.

To date, individual Proscient customers have reported up to $6.5m in annual savings, including a reduction in crew wait time of up to 75%, a 50% reduction in supervisor wait time and a reduction in annual downtime of up to 47%.

Scott Lehmann, VP of product management and marketing at Petrotechnics, comments: “Companies with digital ambition are selecting Proscient. They see the practical benefits of a truly connected digital platform and the single shared view of operational reality it provides. They’re visualising and managing risk and activity in a new and connected way, which helps bring together operations, maintenance, engineering, HSE and other functions.

“Digital transformation done right is not about digitalising the status quo. It’s an ongoing process that will dramatically improve the way companies operate. Proscient’s integrated and intelligent capabilities make it easy for organisations to accelerate their journey to digital operations and importantly, digital ROI, in a practical, rapid and tangible way.”

About Proscient v4.0

Proscient v4.0 unlocks new digital business processes

Improves Maintenance & Operations Collaboration
Close the gaps between planning, maintenance, and operations by bringing together “all of the jobs” including their safety and task dependencies to build an executable work schedule that improves plan accuracy and plan attainment.

Connects Process Safety Management to Operations
Close the gaps between process safety and operations by automatically and intelligently mapping cumulative risk impact of equipment and process deviations in a way the whole organisation can understand – in time, location and in a barrier model with drill-down capabilities to quickly understand what’s driving the risk.

Improves Operations with Engineering information
Close the gaps between engineering and operations by providing operations with real-time access to engineering information such as the status of equipment, P&ID information and the status and risk impact of MoC in real-time.

Proscient v4.0’s key digital capabilities include:

  • Integrated digital platform – provides a future proofed solution of tightly integrated applications and solutions based on a common set of domain and technology services – including integrated operations management with smart EPTW, operations logbook and shift handover, activity risk management, operational risk management with dynamic process safety barriers, management of change, emergency preparation and response and incident management integrated applications.
  • Extensive Interface and API capabilities – allows you to re-imagine business process, workflows and the insight you need to power them through the intelligent integration of disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activity data.
  • Cloud deployable in Azure, AWS or other cloud environments.
  • Digitally enable new end to end business processes and collaboration across functions, systems and applications that improve the way organisations operate.
  • Connected industrial worker mobility app delivers a real-time systematic and “connected” work management solution for field personnel to understand their work, and execute their work more productively in compliance with company standards.

Proscient v4.0 reduces time to digital ROI

  • Available “off the shelf” with a standard best practices build that enables delivery times within weeks rather than months or years with other solutions
  • GUI based configuration and admin tooling accelerates delivery time and importantly doesn’t lock customers into vendor services and timelines
  • Petrotechnics’ agile and iterative project engagement model enables more rapid configuration, customer involvement and reduces management of change challenges.
  • Companies can adopt Proscient at their own pace whether in one plant or in one unit of a plant, one region or across the enterprise. Once deployed, it’s easy to roll out additional capabilities to deliver increasing benefits and ROI.
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