Get a shared view of the operational reality. And make better informed decisions.

Productivity? Or safety?

In Operations, you face the industry’s great conundrum: maximising production while keeping people safe. It’s a tough balancing act. Competing priorities only complicate things further: whether it’s day to day operational activities, supporting the maintenance plan, or longer term strategic objectives.

When Operations receives the maintenance plan it meets operational reality head on. As is, it’s probably not deliverable – it has gaps. Namely, the risk impact of the activities and the operational reality of how work is actually executed haven’t been fully considered.

But your operations people have to find a way to make it work. They understand the job breakdown necessary to safely deliver the plan, the way all of the planned jobs can be safely delivered in time and by location, and what can be safely done given the status of the plant.

But it’s no easy task with the tools and information they have today. And getting it wrong means poor plan attainment, rework, poor wrench time and an increasing maintenance backlog.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

Proscient is the hazardous industries’ first software platform for Operational Excellence. By looking at three simple screens, everyone from the boardroom to the frontline can see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise: what’s happening, where, and when.

By bringing all the activity and risk into one place, it reconciles potentially conflicting demands and gives your operations staff the vital information they need to make better-informed decisions.

Connecting the plan with the reality

Proscient enables your operational personnel to “operationalise” the plan by building an executable schedule that connects activity plans to the reality of operations. Activity can be scheduled based on the available resources, priority, dependencies, and potential conflicts. The impact of activities can be managed – and the cumulative risk in the system made visible.

The result? Proscient builds the bridge between executing the plan and operational reality. Safety is not set against production, instead, risk mitigation becomes an integral part of efficient and effective operations.


Three screens, one operational reality


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  • Now we can understand our operational risk, see how it impacts the operational reality and make decisions with confidence.

  • Now we can prioritise our 14/28/90-day plans to manage risk and optimise production.

  • Incorporating my shift diary in Proscient gives me a complete picture of scheduled activity, risk and Ops resource in my part of the plant.

  • I can now use Proscient’s visualisation to actively manage workload, risk and resources in real time.

  • Process Safety Management is now connected to its impact on operations – so everyone can make better operational decisions.

  • Better operational decisions are creating measurable efficiencies – and improving my leading risk indicators.

  • "Process safety became part of the vernacular of the energy business… However, it has also led to a reduction in responsibility and understanding of operational risk by operations staff… In other words, operational risk has come to mean process safety and has been separated from operational performance as a whole, with the former managed by safety professionals and the latter by operational professionals."

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