In hazardous industries, in any encounter with reality, the first casualty is usually the plan.

How do you give your people the right information at the right time?

Frontline operations is where everything comes together. It’s where production happens. It’s where all of the activities needed to operate and maintain the plant, where all of the operational risk and all of the human interaction with the assets occurs. It’s a dynamic and inherently dangerous place to work and manage.

Getting it right is critical. You’ve got to keep your people safe while getting the right stuff done to maximise safe and sustainable production and asset availability. To make things more challenging, things rarely go according to plan. There are fast changing situations, unexpected outcomes, or delays to deal with as each day unfolds. All of which can have an impact on risk, productivity and cost.

The real challenge is to arm your operating staff with the right information at the right time so everyone can make the most effective operational decisions – every time.

Proscient: making risk management routine

Proscient, the new Operational Excellence software platform, brings all the activity and risk into one place. With Proscient your organisation can collectively manage risk across its operations – not as a short-lived initiative, but as everyday routine.

Three screens, one operational reality

On three simple screens, everyone can see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise. Because they know what’s happening, where, and when. This integrated view into the operational reality of the plant gives your people the vital information they need – meaning the impact of activities can be managed – and the cumulative risk in the system made visible. It enables better-informed decisions in a fast changing environment.

Proscient helps your organisation:

  • Capture all activity and associated risk
  • Incorporate a work control process that focuses on managing MAH, not just permits and personal safety
  • Manage activity and risk in real-time, not in permit duration
  • Arm your operating staff with the right information at the right time

The result? Safety is not set against production: instead, risk mitigation becomes an integral part of efficient and effective operations.


Three screens, one operational reality


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  • Now we can understand our operational risk, see how it impacts the operational reality and make decisions with confidence.

  • Now we can prioritise our 14/28/90-day plans to manage risk and optimise production.

  • Incorporating my shift diary in Proscient gives me a complete picture of scheduled activity, risk and Ops resource in my part of the plant.

  • I can now use Proscient’s visualisation to actively manage workload, risk and resources in real time.

  • Process Safety Management is now connected to its impact on operations – so everyone can make better operational decisions.

  • Better operational decisions are creating measurable efficiencies – and improving my leading risk indicators.

  • "Process safety became part of the vernacular of the energy business… However, it has also led to a reduction in responsibility and understanding of operational risk by operations staff… In other words, operational risk has come to mean process safety and has been separated from operational performance as a whole, with the former managed by safety professionals and the latter by operational professionals."

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