See how you can eliminate the inevitable gaps in your visibility of risk.

RCS – the intention

Risk Control Systems (RCS) or Operational Management Systems bring a disciplined management approach to companies in hazardous industries. They set common expectations across your organisation for addressing risks inherent in the business that can impact personnel and process safety, security, health, and environmental performance.

RCS systems typically have a number of specific elements including process hazard analysis, operating procedures, competency, mechanical integrity, and management of change. Performance and health are measured against each element and sub-element.

RCS – the growing gaps

However, while your RCS performance and health might be good, your gut tells you something is missing. Is there a gap between what the indicators say and the operational reality on the ground? Is your organisation too comfortable? Moving toward a state of higher risk? What don’t you know? What should you know?

While 95% of your safety critical maintenance may be up to date, what is the impact of that deferred 5% on the operational reality? Do you know? Do the guys on the frontline know who’s intervening in the plant, doing repair and maintenance work?

The reality is that much of what you measure – while valid – isn’t giving you the big picture of the operational reality you need. Your organisation aspires to be better than just checking the compliance boxes. It wants to provide everyone with the right information and insight to make the most effective operational decisions.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

Now it’s possible to see and manage risk right across the organisation – with Proscient, the world’s first software platform for Operational Excellence. It brings all the activity and risk into one place and gives everyone the same integrated view of the operational reality.

By looking at three simple screens, everyone can now see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise: by knowing what’s happening, where it’s happening and when.

A common currency of risk

Proscient ensures everyone assesses risk by the same criteria and has a practical understanding of how their decisions can directly or indirectly influence the risk picture or barrier performance. Silos are removed: the software creates a common currency of risk that allows everyone to understand and assess risk by the same criteria and see its cumulative impact on the operational reality.

The result? RCS performance and health reporting that reflects the operational reality of your plants and makes major accident risk visible, prominent and in real time for everyone across the organisation.


Three screens, one operational reality


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  • Now we can understand our operational risk, see how it impacts the operational reality and make decisions with confidence.

  • Now we can prioritise our 14/28/90-day plans to manage risk and optimise production.

  • Incorporating my shift diary in Proscient gives me a complete picture of scheduled activity, risk and Ops resource in my part of the plant.

  • I can now use Proscient’s visualisation to actively manage workload, risk and resources in real time.

  • Process Safety Management is now connected to its impact on operations – so everyone can make better operational decisions.

  • Better operational decisions are creating measurable efficiencies – and improving my leading risk indicators.

  • "Process safety became part of the vernacular of the energy business… However, it has also led to a reduction in responsibility and understanding of operational risk by operations staff… In other words, operational risk has come to mean process safety and has been separated from operational performance as a whole, with the former managed by safety professionals and the latter by operational professionals."

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