Operational Excellence has become a priority. But it needs to be technologically enabled.

Hazardous industries are facing their toughest test.

Pressure to improve productivity and efficiency and increasing scrutiny from regulators and the public is higher than ever. The time has come to realise the promise of Operational Excellence. Less risk and more reward. Lower maintenance costs and downtime. Increased production. And greater financial control.

But Operational Excellence is not about marginal changes. Its a new way of thinking and working. It requires everyone in the organisation from the boardroom to the frontline to make the right operational decisions.

How do you make Operational Excellence routine?

The prize of getting Operational Excellence right is big. Very big. But the real challenge is where to start and how to implement. Not as a short-lived initiative, but as everyday routine.

Introducing Proscient, the first software platform for Operational Excellence

Proscient is the first platform to underpin an Operational Excellence (OE) programme. It transforms your initiative into a practical frontline reality by ‘operationalising’ Operational Excellence, bringing all the activity and risk into one place, with one integrated view of the operational reality.

Reduce the risk of introducing Operational Excellence

Proscient can connect many of your existing departmental initiatives and processes, leading to a systematic, technology-enabled process that cascades throughout the entire organisation, right down to frontline operations. Everyone across your organisation benefits as Proscient gives them the vital information they need to make better-informed decisions.

Think big, start small, scale fast

Proscient lets you think big, start small and scale fast. The flexibility of the platform allows your organisation to start the way you need to. Whether in one plant or in one unit of a plant, one region or across the enterprise. Once the platform is deployed in your organisation, it’s easy to roll out additional capabilities to deliver the increasing benefits of OE.

Proscient helps the organisation:

  • Start small – at the pace of your organisation and grow as your requirements evolve
  • Show tangible ROI – in just months
  • Minimise project risk – with Petrotechnics proven, trusted experience and deployment methodology
  • Incorporate OE and sustain with it software – ensures new processes are followed and dovetails with your existing processes to sustain them and increase collaboration
  • Reduce training requirements – due to its human factors driven design and integrated eLearning making it easy to use, intuitive and a valuable resource
  • Rapid user adoption – provides value to everyone and ensures OE becomes part of everyday routine
  • Meaningful integration – Integrates with your existing IT infrastructure to provide meaningful data for existing systems and to provide an integrated view of the operational reality

The result? A low risk approach to enable your organisations OE programme to deliver the tangible business advantage that’s long been promised. Cut costs, reduce risk and increase productivity. Imagine what Proscient could do for your organisation?


Three screens, one operational reality


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