How do you tackle the growing risks posed by ageing assets?

Ageing assets: adding to operating complexity

Increased risk of equipment failure and maintenance costs usually go hand in hand with ageing assets. Yet according to industry analyst EY*, over 50% of global oil and gas production comes from assets beyond the midpoint of the asset life cycle.

It makes Asset Integrity Management (AIM) ever more important, helping to ensure the equipment is fit for purpose, and that it functions when needed to contain, prevent, or mitigate the consequences of a release of hazardous materials or energy.

*EY, Driving operational performance in oil and gas

AIM typically focuses on:

  • Identifying and reducing safety risks before they escalate
  • Maintaining effective hardware barriers through inspection and predictive and/or preventive maintenance programs
  • Working within operating barriers to execute inspection and maintenance plans, maintain quality assurance, and monitor and manage deviations

The gap between aspiration and reality

In SAPs 2014 Benchmark Report, it’s clear that even if most companies know what they should be doing in terms of a proactive AIM approach, only a small number of organisations were actually doing it:

  • While 89% consider it highly important to generate the majority of maintenance work orders from preventive and predictive maintenance inspections, only 29% have truly adopted this
  • While 75% consider it highly important to utilize sophisticated reliability-based maintenance procedures and tools to increase asset availability, only 23% have truly adopted this

To complicate matters, ageing assets and growing safety critical backlogs are exposing plant operations to the major risks they were designed to avoid.

Competing priorities may be increasing risk

Pressures to deliver reduced costs and better returns are driving many organisations to focus on the short to medium term. As a result, requests for inspection and maintenance could be seen as problems and hindrances – rather than essential for longer term integrity and reliability.

It’s a major challenge: asset integrity priorities can be drowned out in the noise of all the other priorities.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

Proscient, the new Operational Excellence software platform, brings all the activity and risk into one place and gives everyone the same view of the operational reality. By looking at three simple screens, everyone can now see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise: by knowing what’s happening, where it’s happening and when.

Proscient provides a holistic approach that removes silos. The software creates a common currency of risk that allows everyone to understand and assess risk by the same criteria, see its cumulative impact on the operational reality. You can see the health of your barriers and what is impacting them.

The result? Proscient ensures that risk is one the key lenses through which all work is prioritised, defined, planned and executed, turning the intent of your AIM programme into reality.


Three screens, one operational reality


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