Integrate disparate technologies, information and processes.

An unforgiving operating environment

The stakes have changed. Today’s operating environment is tough. Pressure to improve productivity and efficiency, and increasing scrutiny from regulators and the public, is higher than ever.

But more of the same isn’t going to cut it. Organisations know this – and are moving towards an enhanced operating model. One driven by the pursuit of Operational Excellence (OE), ensuring that everyone in the organisation is making better informed decisions that reduce risk, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

The need for an integrated view

However, turning strategic intent into operational reality on the ground isn’t easy, especially when organisational structure often drives each department to do their “own thing.” These improvements often miss important gaps around risk and the reality of how work is actually executed.

The real challenge is a simple, elegant way of connecting disparate business processes and people in a way that allows everyone to visualise and manage risk and activity in a new way.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

Proscient, the world’s first software platform for Operational Excellence, brings all activity and risk together in one place. It gives everyone the same view of the operational reality. By looking at three simple screens, everyone can now see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise; knowing what’s happening, where it’s happening and when it’s happening.

Proscient’s integrated approach to Operations Management allows you to integrate with maintenance and planning systems in an activity-centric manner. It ensures risk is one of the key lenses through which all work is prioritised, defined, planned and executed.

Proscient enables operations personnel to “operationalise” the plan by building an executable schedule that includes all the ancillary tasks required to carry out the task together and the interaction with all other operational activities. This executable schedule, visible to all levels of the organisation, is then used to manage operational activity in real real-time – and can also provide a record of the actual duration of the activities.

Proscient helps organisations:

  • Incorporate new processes for prioritisation, scheduling and risk management with new interfaces for maintenance management and systems planning
  • “Operationalise” the plan by building an executable schedule that connects activity plans to the reality of operations
  • Capture all activity and associated risk
  • Incorporate a work management process that focuses on managing MAH risk, not just permits and personal safety
  • Arm operating staff with the right information at the right time
  • Manage activity and risk in real-time, not in permit duration
  • Close the gaps between the activity plan, executable schedule and real-time execution

The result? Proscient’s Integrated Operations Management keeps people and assets safe. It provides a more integrated approach to planning, maintenance and operations. So you can get more of the right stuff done to reduce risk, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


Three screens, one operational reality


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