With stressed infrastructure and finite maintenance time, both efficiency and safety are compromised. Proscient’s technology-enabled approach provides the answer.

“The renewals underperformance of £394m was largely due to supply chain issues, contractor performance, delays in programmes, more work than expected to keep assets in an appropriate condition, severe weather and reduced volumes in some areas resulted in increased unit costs. It has also not delivered its planned efficiency initiatives.

The enhancements underperformance of £115m was largely due to underperformance on Crossrail due to delays, extra station works, and more signalling contractor works.”

Annual efficiency and finance assessment of Network Rail 2015-16, ORR 

Growing pressure on limited infrastructure

Throughout Europe – and arguably the rest of the world – rail is becoming strategically more important. So there’s growing pressure to fit more people, and more freight, into a limited rail infrastructure. But satisfying current operational demands, while continuing to invest in the future, is proving to be a massive challenge.

The need for a new solution

Rail infrastructure managers are forced to try to squeeze more maintenance work into the same amount of time – and the conventional strategies simply aren’t working. It’s clear that the approach to planning, maintenance and operations needs to change.

A ‘better manual’ is not the answer

It’s tempting to see the solution as a more detailed ‘follow the manual’ approach. But when the plan meets reality, gaps become visible in even the most sophisticated plans. Trying to adjust in real time to unexpected outcomes, events or delays often leads to costly overruns and increased exposure to risk.

How Proscient changes the game

Imagine a consistent view of risk and activity from the boardroom to the trackside. Imagine a ‘single operational reality’ that lets management make more effective interventions that facilitate faster, more transparent operations, governed by a consistent set of best practices. This is what’s now achievable with Proscient, the world’s first software platform for Operational Excellence.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

On three simple screens, everyone can see exactly what’s happening, where, and when. By modelling work impact on the overall system safety health, you can focus on the ‘big bang for your buck’ activities. Knowing what to do, where to do it, when to do it – and how it makes your system safer – is the key information Proscient provides to the trackside.

A common view of risk and activity

Silos are removed: the software creates a common view of risk and activity that allows everyone to understand and manage interactions and see their cumulative impact on the operational reality of the plan. Best practice becomes common practice: Proscient enables you to connect system safety, planning and maintenance to their actual operational impact so your entire organisation can make better operational decisions that get more done, safer and more efficiently.

Integrating Operational Excellence gives you the ability to:

  • Connect planning to maintenance (and operations) to create a big picture view of the operational reality and increase line of sight to the frontline
  • Improve the long term planning process
  • Accomplish more maintenance with limited track access
  • Properly maintain ageing track infrastructure
  • Increase passenger and freight capacity
  • Reduce business risk
  • Better satisfy the public and other key stakeholders


Three screens, one operational reality


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