In an environment of constant change, how do you accurately visualise risk?

Your ever-changing risk landscape

The indicators might look good. But your gut tells you something different.

Your operational risk landscape changes as fast as your operational reality. All your risks are often managed in different parts of your organisation. Individual key performance indicators (KPIs), no matter how well defined, can still display an incorrect overall picture of performance.

The performance dimensions your organisation faces add extra layers of complexity. Ageing assets. Cost reductions. Competency challenges. A lot of contractors. Some close calls. A growing maintenance backlog. Production pressure.

What’s your risk reality?

Everything seems alright… but is your organisation’s tolerance for risk growing? Is your organisation too comfortable – and moving toward a state of higher risk? Is there a gap between what the indicators say and the operational reality on the ground? What don’t you know?

It can be a real struggle to answer the question whether risk in your plants is increasing or decreasing. But where should you dig deeper? Where should you intervene?

Could your risk assumptions contain risk?

It’s often a time consuming process to see how well you’re doing. Information is siloed and the sharing of data across systems is hard. While you can report on the programme health of the different elements of your management system and meet your compliance obligations, something feels like it’s missing.

The reality is that much of what you measure isn’t giving you the big picture you need. Your organisation aspires to be better than just checking the compliance boxes.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

Now it’s possible to see and manage risk right across the organisation – with Proscient, the world’s first software platform for Operational Excellence. It brings all the activity and risk into one place and gives everyone the same integrated view of the operational reality. By looking at three simple screens, everyone can now see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise: what’s happening, where it’s happening and when.

Proscient ensures everyone assesses risk by the same criteria and has a practical understanding of how their decisions can directly or indirectly influence the risk picture or barrier performance. Silos are removed: the software creates a common currency of risk that allows everyone to understand and assess risk by the same criteria and see its cumulative impact on the operational reality.

Shared, real-time visibility of risk

The result? New leading indicators of operational risk that reflect the operational reality of your plants – in real time. And make major accident risk visible to everyone across the organisation.


Three screens, one operational reality


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