Hindsight is almost always 20/20

Learning the right lessons from incidents and accidents is important. It’s also critical to continually advance your safety improvement efforts. With increasing complexity in our operating environments, the focus of incident investigations tends to concentrate in great detail on uncovering the root cause(s). But too often the solutions implemented are not sustainable – or miss the real underlying issues. Hence the high number of repeat incidents.

The difficulty of exposing systemic issues

In our effort to understand what happened, it can be hard to avoid root cause seduction, oversimplification of causation and focus on blame. Symptoms can be seen as causes, while the underlying systemic issues that produce the symptoms go unaddressed.

At the heart of learning from adverse events is understanding the “what and how” (the conditions that spurred the event) and the “why” (the systemic factors that led to the “what and how”). Getting it right is hard. But even when we do, it can still be a struggle to get the lessons learned out to the right people who need them the most: whether it’s a change in policy or procedure, or a specific communication at the right time.

Introducing Proscient: the first software platform for Operational Excellence

Now Proscient brings all the activity and risk into one place. It provides everyone with the same, integrated view of the operational reality, so everyone knows what’s happening, where it’s happening and when it’s happening.

Built-in Incident and Accident Management capabilities

Proscient’s Incident and Accident Management capabilities ensure you can record, investigate, audit and manage incidents and near misses based on an integrated view of the operational reality. It allows you to focus on the conditions that were pre-cursers to the incident. This gives you the ability to better understand how all of the risk and activity came together to create the conditions that led to the incident. This provides valuable insight for your investigation of the “what”, “how” and “why” of an incident.

Proscient helps organisations:

  • Record, investigate, audit and manage the tasks, corrective actions and associated activities of incidents and near-misses
  • Assess the plant’s operational reality at the time of the incident in terms of pre-cursers, root causes, effects, and lessons learned
  • Assess incident impact and consequences to people, the asset, environment and company reputation
  • Integrate with commonly used root cause analysis engines
  • Apply the correct level of authorisation at each step of the process, including notifications to users, ensuring a transparent process for all
  • Implement and sustain the appropriate solutions (e.g. policy, procedures, communication) to prevent reoccurrence

The result? A systematic Incident and Accident Management programme that underpins your organisation’s efforts to learn the right lessons and ensure continuous safety improvements.


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