Make your MoC programme more practical, more routine and more effective.

The diverse drivers of change

Change in your plants is inevitable. In fact, systems begin to change as soon as they become operational.

Change is typically driven by emergency alterations due to incorrect dimensions, faulty material, defects, effects of loads, and environments not foreseen during the engineering phase. It’s also driven by reactive changes such as erosion, corrosion and fatigue. But they can also be temporary changes that sometimes become permanent.

Managing that change through a consistent and effective MoC programme is essential. An MoC programme is designed to ensure that changes made to facility designs, operations, organisations or activities don’t inadvertently introduce new hazards or unknowingly increase the risk of existing ones.

Getting MoC right is critical. Uncontrolled changes can have big impacts – whether they degrade production, or directly or indirectly cause incidents and accidents

MoC is a critical risk factor

In fact, a lot of incident investigation reports indicate ineffective MOC as one of the major contributing factors in many catastrophic incidents in the process industry (e.g. CSB reports 2005, 2008). And OSHA reports that 9% of Refinery NEP citations and 5.5% of Chemical Industry NEP citations were for MoC.

Most organisations have an MoC programme. The real challenge is to ensure it is regularly used, is efficient but thorough and properly communicates the risk impact of MoC in a way that is both routine and practical to everyone in the organisation.

Proscient: three screens, one operational reality

Proscient, the world’s first software platform for Operational Excellence, brings all the activity and risk into one place. With Proscient your organisation can collectively manage MoC and its risk impact on the operational reality of the plant – not as a short-lived initiative, but as everyday routine.

On three simple screens, everyone can see exactly what’s happening, where, and when. Silos are removed: the software creates a common currency of risk that allows everyone to understand and assess the impact of MoC risk by the same criteria. With shared visibility of the impact of MoC on the operational reality – across the entire lifecycle of each MoC – everyone now has the information they need to make better-informed decisions.

The result? A systematic MoC programme works the way your organisation works, and importantly, provides the visibility and practical understanding of the impact of MoC on the operational reality everyone across your organisation needs.


Three screens, one operational reality


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