Visualise interrelated risk with Proscient. And bridge the gap between plan and reality.

Time is money

External market shifts are not new for downstream operators.  Opportunity knocks to capture significant incremental margin if organisations can be nimble enough.  But getting them right is tough.

Time is money.  Upgrading the plant and operating model safely and efficiently can be a big challenge.  The numbers paint a vivid picture of the complexity of an upgrade as they can involve hundreds of separate jobs and the duration averages between 20 and 60 days depending upon what is required. And then there’s the changes to the operating model as a result of the upgrade.

More than a “follow the manual” exercise

It’s tempting to see the solution as solely an exercise in planning with a detailed “follow the manual approach” for staff and contractors.

The real problem occurs when the plan meets real time. Even the most sophisticated plan has gaps, and those gaps often involve risk. Trying to adjust in real time to the risk created from unexpected outcomes, events or delays can mean costly overruns and increased risk exposure.

Three screens, one operational reality

Proscient, the industry’s first software platform for Operational Excellence, brings all the activity and risk into one place.

This is key. Proscient gives you the ability to visualise risk before an Upgrade even begins. Everyone can see the big picture. By seeing how all of the tasks, hazards and risks involved – and in particular the critical path items – come together:

  • Planners can better see how the entire programme of work can be delivered safely
  • Front-line engineers can understand the causes and consequences of their particular tasks
  • HSE can ensure that standardised risk awareness and risk-assessment practices, policies and roles are embedded across the Upgrade
  • Operators can optimise plans both prior to and during the execution phase, by proactively adjusting schedules to reprioritise work as conditions and risk change on the ground
  • Specialised contractors can add their risk assessments into the model and see its effect on the cumulative risk
  • Proscient gives the ability to manage risk of the changes through MOC facility and the Pre start up safety review phase (PSSR).

A more effective Upgrade

The result? A more effective Upgrade as Proscient builds the bridge between executing the Upgrade plan and the operational reality. This allows you react and optimize production equipment even two to three months faster than its peers can capture significant incremental margins.


Three screens, one operational reality


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