The Digital Promise

'Industry 4.0' promises considerable value for oil and gas operators. Petrotechnics' Scott Lehmann explains why getting digitalisation right is essential if operators are to achieve OpEx.

Safety: Process Safety and Risk Management – An Industry View

In 2017, Petrotechnics released its process safety and risk management (PSM) survey. The survey respondents were senior leaders in the fields of process safety, asset integrity and operational [...]

Digital Transformation: Changing the Way We Operate

Digitalisation in the oil and gas industry is about “enabling everyone to make better operational decisions” while balancing risk, productivity and cost. Industry research analyst, Oil & Gas [...]

Mobile Apps: Improving Safety & Production in Oil & Gas

Mobile apps promise to be a boon to industrial productivity far beyond leak control. Most sectors are seeing the benefits of putting more information in the hands of mobile engineers and [...]

The Reality of Risk Roundtable: Improving Risk Management

Process safety risks are often managed in different parts of an organization. Bringing them all together in a consolidated way, to view their impact on the operational reality of hydrocarbon [...]

Roundtable: The Reality of Process Safety Risk

What is the reality of risk in the hydrocarbon sector? Petrotechnics recently gathered together senior executives from oil and gas to discuss what happens when process safety intent meets the [...]

Can Rail Operators Learn from Oil and Gas?

The delicate balance between safety and productivity is an ongoing challenge for the rail industry, but it's one the oil and gas industry has begun to address. Petrotechnics' Iain Mackay [...]

Operational Excellence, the Gateway to World-Class Performance in Refining and Petrochemicals

A survey of oil and gas industry HSE, maintenance and operations professionals provides real insight into the opportunities and challenges associated with Operational Excellence (OE). The [...]

Offshore Oil & Gas – The Digital Revolution is Now

The promise of digitalisation is to help everyone make better, more informed operational decisions that reduce risk, increase productivity and cut costs. Read Petrotechnics' viewpoint on [...]

IoT Tech News – Oil and Gas 4.0

A new era is afoot: oil and gas 4.0. Companies are leveraging technology to drive excellence in operations. Read Petrotechnics' article on the IoT Tech News website, "Oil and Gas 4.0 - Making [...]