Operational Excellence Index 2017/2018 Survey Part Two – Report


Without a doubt, digitalisation is the engine fueling the growing adoption of Operational Excellence (OE) in hazardous industries. As part one of Petrotechnics’ Operational Excellence Index (OEI) survey evidenced, technology is at the heart of a rapidly accelerating effort to deliver unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and intelligence into operational decision-making.

Part two of the OEI examines the evolution of digitalisation in Operational Excellence. To provide a window into the applications, attitudes, and benefits, Petrotechnics has once again captured the insights of oil, gas, and petrochemical industry professionals. While being at various stages of their digital transformation journey, the experiences of the respondents reflect a firm belief in digitalisation to enable and transform organisations’ OE frameworks.

Having realised the initial benefits, early adopters are leading a nascent, yet inevitable, march towards the next stage of digitalisation. The rapid pace of innovation, however, may pose some barriers to widespread adoption. These barriers will challenge senior leaders to foster organisational cultures that embrace the strategic value of digital transformation.

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