Petrotechnics’ ORM for Operations Brochure


Petrotechnics’ ORM for Operations delivers the practical benefits of digitalization, Industry 4.0, and the IIoT. That’s because it provides the first integrated view of a plant’s operational reality – in real-time. It connects people and helps close-the-loop between operations, maintenance, engineering, HSE, and other functions, and it brings together disparate data from systems, sensors, and human-derived activity.

By looking at three simple screens, everyone from the boardroom to the frontline can now visualize every activity and its associated risk, right across the enterprise. Know what’s happening, where it’s happening, and what’s driving the risk. Finally operators have the tools they need to gather meaningful, actionable insights and practically and routinely manage activity and mitigate risk in a joined-up way. This allows everyone to make better, more informed decisions. Learn more!

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