Petrotechnics’ ORM for Operations Process Safety Excellence Datasheet


Fluid Situation.
Your operational risk landscape changes as fast as your operational reality. Since the day your asset became operational, its process safety risk exposure began to change. Impairments, deferrals, overrides, MoCs, the status of safety-critical equipment or even how well processes and procedures are followed have a cumulative impact on operational risk. The IIoT and sheer volume of sensor data from equipment will add even more complexity to managing operational risk.

Hazardous industry operators need to make sure everyone understands and assesses risk by the same criteria. Everyone needs to have a practical understanding of how their decisions can directly or indirectly influence the risk picture, and they need to know how risk influences the real-time health of process safety barriers.

Joined-up Decisions.

Displayed in an interactive, dynamic barrier management model, Petrotechnics’ ORM for Operations provides a simple and elegant means of connecting process safety and risk control system performance to frontline operations at any given point in time. It automatically brings together all human and sensor derived inputs in a joined-up way to see their cumulative risk impact on the operational reality of the plant.

Now everyone can see the health status of process safety-critical equipment alongside the risk impact of performance deviations and abnormal conditions, allowing them to make better, safer operational decisions that balance risk against production at all levels of the operation.

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