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A platform approach to operational risk management helps operators convert key risk data into actionable insights to better manage the safety of assets.

Proscient’s Operational Risk Management solutions relate the collective performance of safety systems and human-derived inputs to their impact on the operational reality of the asset at any given point in time.

Displayed in an interactive, dynamic process safety barrier management model, Proscient brings together historian system, management of change (MoC) data, human-derived inputs from activity management, and more. The system automatically reflects the real-time cumulative risk impact of work activities and risk against barrier health.

Now operational teams can access details about the asset’s risk level and see the potential drivers of major accident hazard (MAH) risk exposure. Everyone can understand what activities or conditions drive risk and which process safety barriers are impacted or impaired by specific activities, actions, and conditions.

See the health status of safety-critical equipment and the impact of performance deviations and abnormal conditions. These insights help drive the right decisions to support more effective planning and work execution.

  • Access new leading indicators of operational risk that reflect the operational reality
  • Make MAH risk exposure visible, prominent and available for all in real-time
  • Improve prioritisation of planned maintenance safety and operations activity

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