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Integrated workflows and performance measurements help standardise processes, keep people and assets safe and increase efficiencies – including tool time.

Proscient’s Integrated Operations Management (IOM) w/Smart PTW intelligently unlocks a simple, elegant way of connecting activity planning, operations, maintenance management, and the reality of how work gets executed.

Unlike other solutions, Proscient helps manage activity with control in real-time, not just by permit duration. Instead of manually raising a permit, the maintenance plan from the CMMS is automatically captured in Proscient. Work plans and schedules are made executable based on operational priorities, safety contingencies, tasks and sub-tasks required to complete the work plus previous lessons learned. The duration of work activities can be adjusted, missing work activities or details can be added, and conflicts can be resolved by identifying the impact of simultaneous operations (SIMOPS).

Risk assessments can be conducted – not only based on the tasks listed for the job, but based on context – including everything else that’s happening or scheduled to occur. In the instance equipment is isolated, teams can access relevant P&IDs to build and isolation plan directly into the system

And Proscient’s Activity Risk Management add-on helps teams visualise and manage the cumulative risk for all activities associated with permitted an operations activity against a dynamic process safety barrier model.

  • Operationalise the schedule
  • Manage the dynamic schedule
  • Ensure compliance and control

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