Refining Business Processes


Refining Business Processes for Plant Operations

Remove the Gaps Between Planning, Maintenance, and Operations

By: Mike Neill, Petrotechnics President – North America

With infrastructure at capacity, new construction already at a high pace, and aging infrastructure requiring constant maintenance and repair, gas processors are left with a dilemma. Operators must often manage the conflicting demands of operating and maintaining infrastructure while constructing new additions to minimize outages. Furthermore, operators must ensure that ongoing operations minimize conflicts and disruptions while demonstrating internal and external compliance.

Indeed, gas processors are tasked to achieve safe, efficient and sustainable operations. Competing priorities for work often challenge the ability to balance the needs of all functions within their organizations.

As assets age, this becomes more critical, not only due to the lifespan of equipment but also to the change in demand on the facility. In these instances, risk to the operation escalates and can further manifest in terms of unplanned shutdowns, incidents, accidents, injuries and potential fatalities.

To ensure safe, efficient and sustainable production, operators must close the gaps between maintenance, planning and the operational reality of the plant. Through improved integration of planning, maintenance and operations, plant operators can better prioritize and select activities that have the lowest level of operational risk.

There has never been a more critical need in the industry to address processes surrounding plant operations.

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