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Do we really know how to manage risk? Whitepaper
January 7, 2018
Even following 20-30 years' worth of investment in process safety management, major incidents are occurring at a steady rate each year…
Safety: Process Safety and Risk Management – An Industry View
November 14, 2017
In 2017, Petrotechnics released its process safety and risk management (PSM) survey. The survey respondents were senior leaders in the fields of process safety, asset integrity and operational risk management in the hydrocarbon industry. The survey produced some interesting and occasionally startling insights into the state of operational risk and safety management.
Who is Responsible for Managing Process Safety Risk?
October 20, 2017
Few would argue that process safety approaches developed and implemented over the past 20-30 years have enabled us to improve the design basis for our facilities. Yet we still see major incidents occurring at a steady rate each year. This begs the question, who is responsible for managing process safety risk?
2017 Survey on Process Safety and Risk Management
October 4, 2017
Management teams on facilities know what could go wrong, what the consequences could be, how they should be managed as well as the controls that should be in place to manage the risks. But that knowledge must be translated into every corner of the organization, including the frontline. Petrotechnics' Simon Jones outlines the responses of over 200 industry experts who...
Petrotechnics 2017 Survey on Process Safety and Operational Risk Management – Report
September 25, 2017
Petrotechnics recently completed a survey uncovering how more than 200 senior leaders across the global hydrocarbon industry perceive operational risk and process safety management (PSM). The 2017 report includes some interesting and occasionally startling insights into the state of operational risk and safety management. Safety culture, the real-world experience of risk, the various factors that affect and drive safety performance, and...
October 28, 2016
I had the pleasure to present at the CCPS 2016 European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data in Frankfurt earlier this month. First and foremost, the CCPS Europe organising committee should be congratulated on pushing this topic up people’s agenda. The organisers were really trying to push the process safety profession along. To get it to come to...
Securing Vital Operations with PSM
March 8, 2016
Petrotechnics was privileged to chair and present at the Fleming Gulf Process Safety Kuwait event from 16th to 17th February. Attended by senior oil and gas industry professionals, the event explored the role of Process Safety Management in securing Kuwait’s vital operations.

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