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4 Ways Customer Intimacy is Becoming the New Differentiator
September 1, 2018
In B2B software, customer intimacy allows vendors to build better features, improve internal processes and grow more trusting relationships with clients.
July 18, 2018
Are you ready to implement a new operational risk management tool in your organisation? Make sure to avoid these 5 common pitfalls.
Oil & Gas IQ – Moving beyond paper-on-glass
July 3, 2018
Digital transformation doesn't have to be out of reach. Watch the free webcast to learn how global oil & gas operators are making digital operational.
Operational Risk Management – a new category of enterprise software?
June 19, 2018
Is the market finally recognising the emergence of a new category of enterprise software to manage operational risk?
Maintenance & Operations: how integrated planning could transform a love-hate relationship
February 13, 2018
With apparently conflicting agendas and objectives, Maintenance and Operations teams often perceive each other as competitors - if not rivals. While Operators are rewarded for their ability to maintain stable production at its optimal level, Maintenance is held responsible for executing a demanding plan on time, regardless of equipment isolations and other potential production disturbances.
3 ways digital twins will help improve oil and gas maintenance and operations
October 20, 2017
What was once fantasy is becoming a reality. Edge equipment is becoming better connected. Cloud technology is improving performance. Integration is easy, and the cost is reasonable. And the transformation is real. The power of digital twins in the oil and gas operations and maintenance represents a tremendous opportunity to improve downtime and reduce risk.
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