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Mind the Gap: Integrated Operations Management w/Smart PTW, the Key to Improving Tool Time
June 10, 2018
Leading companies are increasingly pursuing Operational Excellence as a means of confidently running their assets safely, reliably, sustainably and cost-effectively. A key component of operational excellence is an integrated approach to Operations Management. A first step in delivering integrated operations management is to recognise the gaps between activity planning, maintenance management, operations and the reality of how work gets executed.
Still time for operators to get ahead in digitalisation
April 27, 2018
Digitalisation is reshaping hazardous industries, disrupting operator's business models and operating practices, and transforming the business ecosystem
Corporate Videos
March 4, 2018
Petrotechnics' software solutions are designed to support the New Age of Operational Excellence, the emerging Reality of Risk, and the creation of the Connected Enterprise and Industry 4.0
Making a Digital Leapfrog
February 22, 2018
To drive value throughout the enterprise, hazardous industry operators need to get ahead of the digital curve. But good news: making a digital leap is not as difficult as one might imagine…
Big Data in Hazardous Industries – An Operational Perspective
January 18, 2018
We have become obsessed with big data, but we are already drowning in it. Success only comes when we can provide insight. Providing insight is easy in industries where the mass of data is clearly defined, as in retail for example. Other industries, however, are struggling with disparate data. How do you gain insight in this setting?
World Oil: Delivering on the Promise of Digital Transformation
April 30, 2017
A new approach to support operational risk management is developing. Today’s digital innovation is driving what many say is the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). It’s reshaping industries, disrupting business models and operating practices, and transforming business ecosystems. Digital disruption is impacting industries in different ways. Retail and distribution businesses are capitalizing on innovation to transform customer engagement. In...
Operational Excellence – the Path to World-class Performance
April 19, 2017
Top-performing companies are arming everyone, from the CEO to the personnel working in the facility, with the right information to understand the wider impact of their decisions. This is the foundation for delivering on the true potential of Operational Excellence.
Digital OE
March 31, 2017
Big business has benefited considerably from the introduction of connected work practices. From banking to telecoms, retail to insurance, enabling the integration of people, technology and processes has been key – it’s time hazardous industries caught up and became more connected.
The Reality of Risk (video)
March 31, 2017
Risk in hazardous industries is inherent. Yet, accepting the reality of risk and understanding the ability to manage it effectively is key to operational and organisational excellence.
Platform Oil & Gas Magazine Highlight – Productivity, Risk and Cost
February 25, 2017
Although Operational Excellence programmes are not new, industry is yet to move the dial in key areas of productivity, risk and costs; instead, it has experienced repeated cycles of cost escalation and cost reduction with each cycle undermining long term stability and sustainability. To fully realise the potential benefits of Operational Excellence, everyone in the organisation needs to make the...

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