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The Digital Promise
January 22, 2018
'Industry 4.0' promises considerable value for oil and gas operators. Petrotechnics' Scott Lehmann explains why getting digitalisation right is essential if operators are to achieve OpEx.
Operational Excellence Index 2017/2018 Survey Part Two – Report
January 21, 2018
Part two of Petrotechnics' OEI report examines the evolution of digitalisation in Operational Excellence.
Data, Insight & Intelligence for the Oil & Gas Industry
January 21, 2018
This month’s edition of Oil and Gas Vision highlights Scott Lehmann’s insights on data, insight and intelligence for the Oil & Gas industry, see pages 24-36.
Oil & Gas 4.0 – Disrupting Digital Transformation
January 21, 2018
A path towards Industry 4.0 is forming for the oil and gas industry - from our understanding of risk to how we visualise and manage operational activities.
Has Operational Excellence in the hazardous industries passed the tipping point?
January 7, 2018
Digital leaders have forged ahead with early successes, however many remain in the early stages of adoption as they face up to some tough challenges.
Operational Excellence Index 2017 Survey – Report
November 21, 2017
Operational Excellence (OE) emerged in the hazardous industries as a relatively new concept only a few years ago. Already it has evolved from theoretical ideal to tangible reality as firms have embraced it as a crucial priority. For the second year, Petrotechnics has conducted a survey of oil, gas and petrochemical industry professionals to gauge changing attitudes to OE and...
Using Technology to Solve Real Business Problems
November 5, 2017
The recent pace of change has been enough to give the oil and gas industry whiplash. New geopolitical realities are shaking up operating practices, increasing complexity threatens already squeezed margins, there's relentless pressure to reduce costs whilst increasing productivity and hazardous events have indicated more rigorous compliance requirements. All these factors have made operational excellence critical. The need to simultaneously...
Operational Excellence, the Gateway to World-Class Performance in Refining and Petrochemicals
October 4, 2017
A survey of oil and gas industry HSE, maintenance and operations professionals provides real insight into the opportunities and challenges associated with Operational Excellence (OE). The result? 92% agree that technology is a key enabler of OE. But the value of technology comes when it connects people and processes with data-derived insights. This is the real promise of big data...
Offshore Oil & Gas – The Digital Revolution is Now
October 4, 2017
The promise of digitalisation is to help everyone make better, more informed operational decisions that reduce risk, increase productivity and cut costs. Read Petrotechnics' viewpoint on how digitalisation is making a splash in the offshore industry.
IoT Tech News – Oil and Gas 4.0
October 4, 2017
A new era is afoot: oil and gas 4.0. Companies are leveraging technology to drive excellence in operations. Read Petrotechnics' article on the IoT Tech News website, "Oil and Gas 4.0 - Making Excellence Operational."

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