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Oil & Gas IQ – Moving beyond paper-on-glass
July 3, 2018
Digital transformation doesn't have to be out of reach. Watch the free webcast to learn how global oil & gas operators are making digital operational.
Harts E&P – Driving the Adoption and Future of Operational Excellence
June 19, 2018
Companies are looking to digitalisation to manage Operational Excellence in a proactive, strategic manner - according to Harts E&P, Petrotechnics' 2017/2018 OEI
June 17, 2018
We were all issued with one of the most complex and powerful computers on the planet at birth: the class 1 human brain. It does not need updates, new operating systems, fire walls, it does not need to be changed for a new shinier model, in this year’s colours, despite the fact that the last one was working fine!...
Mind the Gap: Integrated Operations Management w/Smart PTW, the Key to Improving Tool Time
June 10, 2018
Leading companies are increasingly pursuing Operational Excellence as a means of confidently running their assets safely, reliably, sustainably and cost-effectively. A key component of operational excellence is an integrated approach to Operations Management. A first step in delivering integrated operations management is to recognise the gaps between activity planning, maintenance management, operations and the reality of how work gets executed.
Avoid the big bear trap of digitalisation
May 14, 2018
The daily drumbeat of hype around digitalisation is producing a powerful magpie or shiny object effect. It takes some serious restraint to avoid rushing headlong into the digitalisation fray and not be attracted to the flash and the novelty of it all – whether it’s the all-encompassing IIoT, the coolness of digital twins, the allure of predictive analytics, the...
Still time for operators to get ahead in digitalisation
April 27, 2018
Digitalisation is reshaping hazardous industries, disrupting operator's business models and operating practices, and transforming the business ecosystem
Going beyond the buzzwords. Making digital operational
April 27, 2018
No longer are the elusive benefits of digital transformation in oil and gas. Synthesise disparate IIoT and operational data and gain real, tangible digital ROI
March 21, 2018
$6,500,000 annual frontline saving? 75% reduction in crew wait time? These are just some of the benefits our clients are experiencing from choosing Proscient, the industries leading Operational Excellence platform solution.
Operational Excellence Under Focus
March 21, 2018
For the second year, Petrotechnics has conducted a survey of oil, gas and petrochemical industry professionals to gauge changing attitudes to OE and measure progress towards its wider adoption. 60% of respondents said OE has become more, or much more important in the last 12 months compared to 80% the previous year.
Corporate Videos
March 4, 2018
Petrotechnics' software solutions are designed to support the New Age of Operational Excellence, the emerging Reality of Risk, and the creation of the Connected Enterprise and Industry 4.0

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