GDF SUEZ E&P UK Selects Petrotechnics’ Proscient for Cygnus Gas Field Operations


Aberdeen, 30 April– Petrotechnics announced today that GDF Suez E&P UK has selected its Proscient Operational Performance and Predictive Risk platform.  GDF Suez will deploy Proscient for their Cygnus gas field operations. Cygnus represents the UK Southern North Sea’s largest gas discovery in the last 25 years.

Driven by their continued growth in the UK Market and in the North Sea,  GDF Suez were looking for a software solution to support implementation of their work management business processes and facilitate a systematized control of work to improve operational efficiency, safety and compliance.  After a competitive tender, Proscient was selected as the software solution that best met GDF Suez’s current needs.  The tender process further reinforced by Petrotechnics’ 25 year proven track record in the North Sea, provided GDF Suez the confidence of Petrotechnics’ deep domain expertise and ability to deliver.

“We are delighted to be able to support GDF Suez E&P UK in delivering this strategically important development. GDF chose Proscient to do far more than just an electronic permit to work system. They wanted a powerful foundation to really transform how they manage risk, optimise frontline efficiencies, ensure compliance and set a consistent standard going forward” said David Bleackley, Petrotechnics’ VP of Sales.

“While everyone understands simplicity, Petrotechnics has the deep domain expertise, the proven track record of actual delivery and the richness and breadth of the Proscient platform to simplify the complexities of control of work for customers.  The Proscient platform provides forward looking organisations the ability to have a more holistic understanding of overall risk and their impact on each other as their requirements evolve from control of work. By intelligently capturing risk data and deploying the tools to proactively manage workload against risk, individuals and senior leaders are empowered to make better decisions around their operations,” added Bleackley.

Petrotechnics has been working with customers in hazardous industries for over 25 years, providing practical solutions to transform and improve frontline performance. Proscient is Petrotechnics’ Operational Performance and Predictive risk software platform which simplifies the complexities of frontline operations.  It transforms how companies manage workload against operational risk in the context of dynamic operations. It allows you to get more of the right work done safely and efficiently to improve asset integrity and keep people safe. To find out more, please click here.

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