Petrotechnics Announces Large Scale Implementation of Control of Work System for Major Oil & Gas Operator in Canada


2 November 2011

Petrotechnics, the global leader in the provision of frontline work execution solutions to the oil and gas sector, has announced the major deployment of its Sentinel PRO®, system across 13 installations for a major oil and gas operator in Canada.

The project, which is part of a £3million ($5million) global roll out, will see Sentinel PRO®, become operational in both on and offshore installations across East and West Canada by the end of November this year. It will also see training delivered to a total of 1000 people, enabling them to use the software for daily operational and engineering activities.

There is increasing recognition across the oil and gas industry that the cause of incidents can be the result of a combination of factors and events. Sentinel PRO®, is supporting operators to establish line of sight over the cumulative risk in frontline day-to-day activity.

Sentinel PRO®, users are provided with the ability to link electronically external references, supplementary procedures and carry out audits of work permits, in one process. A single application addresses all aspects of permit creation including risk assessment, isolation control and lessons learned from previous work, allowing effective management of frontline work execution.

Iain Mackay, executive vice president at Petrotechnics, said: “Sentinel PRO®, is an effective tool in the management of performance and operational risk management and can significantly reduce the risk associated with frontline work execution.

“This large scale implementation will play an integral role in improving the visibility of work across all of our clients’ assets. In building this foundation, our client will realise significant benefits, facilitating the continued improvement of operational standards and efficiency and thereby increasing operational risk management and efficiency across all sites.”

Already used in more than 85 per cent of the North Sea, and with a 40 per cent market share in the Gulf of Mexico, Sentinel PRO®, is a leading solution in the oil and gas industry worldwide. It recognises and overcomes the challenges in the unstructured and dynamic nature of managing operations, maintenance and associated activity.

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