Petrotechnics Delivers Insight on How Organisations Can Better Manage Operational Risk at the 9th Annual HSE Forum in Doha, Qatar, September 30th – October 2nd 2013


Aberdeen, 23 September – Petrotechnics, the global leader in transforming frontline operational performance and lowering operational risk will present on how organisations can improve how Operational Risk is managed at the Fleming Gulf 9th Annual HSE Forum in Doha, Qatar on September 30th.

Petrotechnics Executive Vice President, Iain Mackay will pose challenging questions around the potential for organisations to improve Production Efficiency and Lower Operational Risk at the same time. Iain will explore how linking people, process and plant can provide a common view of risk across the organisation. Mackay will examine the need for a holistic understanding of operational risk based on linking asset integrity risk (barrier impairments) with the current workload risk. With a more joined up view of current operational risk, organizations can proactively manage a more optimized and less risky performance.

Traditionally, frontline operational risk is managed in silos with Process Safety Management focused personnel or engineering functions managing asset integrity risk and operations managing the risk associated with the intervention work occurring on the plant. Additionally, organizations often struggle to consistently and reliably capture the most appropriate data required to provide them with accurate risk profiles of the status of the plant and the cumulative risk of all of the work scheduled to take place during a defined period of time.

MacKay said “Without an understanding of how the cumulative workload in a given area of the plant is directly impacting the barrier status, how do we know if our current understanding of our barriers is correct? Are we simply managing one part of the Operational Risk Equation? Or are we managing two critical parts separately? By changing approach we can make things easier and drive sustainable improvement across our frontline operations”

By using a technology based intelligent, holistic integration of these disciplines; organizations can be empowered to optimize how they consistently manage workload against operational risk according to their policies. With a common view of operational risk in space, time and an understanding of what is driving risk, technology can help organizations make better decisions; and move strongly towards operational excellence, improving the overall plant health, integrity, safety and efficiency in order to get more work completed safely.

Petrotechnics are strategic partner for the HSE event with MacKay being Chairman on Day 1, themed on Reflective Practice, Promoting Collective Responsibility. MacKay will provide insight of the information organizations need to understand the operational risk they carry, look at the factors which drive these levels of risk and provide tools to best mitigate this risk in order to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable operations.

Petrotechnics will be hosting a workshop on Day 3 (2nd October) which will further investigate the factors that contribute to cumulative risk and how Asset Integrity Risk and Cumulative Workload Risk impact on each other. We will review techniques to provide leading indicators of operational risk based on global experience of integrated safe systems of work.

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