Petrotechnics Deploys Market Leading Technology for Shell Nigeria to Improve Safety & Performance


22 August 2012

August 22, Petrotechnics, a market leader in operational performance and predictive risk solutions, today announces the deployment of its Sentinel PRO® system on the Sea Eagle floating production, storage and offloading installation (FPSO) for Shell offshore Nigeria.

The work, on behalf of Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo*) and Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC**), is the second phase of a project in which the system was previously implemented on the Bonga FPSO. One of Petrotechnics’ largest FPSO projects to date, Bonga, situated 120km from the Niger Delta coast, is the height of a 12-storey building and the equivalent of three soccer pitches in length.

In delivering an education programme capable of maintaining a self-sustaining environment in West Africa post-implementation, Petrotechnics has worked with several local partners to create a comprehensive and effective collection of training packages for employees.

Iain Mackay, executive vice president at Petrotechnics, said: “As a region, West Africa is home to some of the world’s most prolific reserves, often located in increasingly challenging frontiers, such as the deepwater fields offshore West Africa.

“Despite frequent and substantial new activity however, the region is not without its challenges. Given the uncertain and sometimes testing operating environments, there is an even greater onus on companies to optimise resources, standardise processes and deliver faster turnarounds. Combined with the growing emphasis on managing operational risk and increasing stakeholder expectations, operators and contractors are consistently looking at how they can improve both performance and operational risk management (ORM).

“Sentinel PRO® incorporates over 10 years of our global experience of business process transformation and effective work activity management.”

Sentinel PRO® enables operators to proactively manage and control frontline day-to-day activity. Users are provided with the ability to easily link electronically external references, supplementary procedures and carry out audits of work permits in one process, significantly reducing non-productive time. A single application addresses all aspects of permit creation including risk assessment, isolation control and lessons learned from previous work. By intelligently embedding and automating these frontline work processes into field practice, it helps to drive operational efficiencies and improve safety management.

Petrotechnics has continued to innovate in the management of operational risk with the recent release of Proscient, its Operational Performance and Predictive Risk enterprise software platform. Leading the way in the provision of operational risk management tools for operational leaders at every point in the enterprise structure, Proscient offers the ability to understand the relationship between performance and risk and to act proactively on that insight to improve productivity and efficiency without compromising people or plant safety. It was designed based on an abstraction of the needs and requirements of the Oil & Gas Industry and other hazardous industries.  Proscient is an evolutionary change which builds upon the market leading Sentinel PRO®, to deliver a smarter, more efficient toolset which encompasses all aspects of Safe work control, delivers them on an enterprise level with business intelligence capabilities such as predictive risk, governance reporting and the ability to drive continuous improvement from frontline work data that was never utilised before in Sentinel PRO®. Proscient means that for the first time senior executives can to proactively manage their organisations to a less risky and more optimised performance based on real world frontline data.

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