Petrotechnics Enhances Local Capability Around Safety and Risk Management in one of Russia’s Biggest Integrated O&G Projects


Aberdeen, 16 January – Petrotechnics, the global leader for transforming frontline Operational Performance and Lowering Operational Risk in Hazardous Industries, announced today, its joint collaboration with Sakhalin Energy to deliver Petrotechnics’ world class Train the Trainer Programme to key staff to continue to build strong local self-sufficient safety expertise.

Three Sakhalin Energy employees have successfully completed the ‘Train the Trainer’ certification for ‘Integrated Safe System of Work’ (ISSOW) and ‘Permit to Work Essentials’ courses. Sakhalin Energy currently operates three offshore platforms, an onshore processing facility, 800km oil and gas pipeline system and an LNG plant and oil export terminal with approximately 2000 personnel.

Sakhalin Energy and Petrotechnics have worked together for over 6 years. Over this period they identified a growing need for sustainable, ongoing and consistent training across all assets. A broad range of locations, languages and skillsets added complexity to the learning environments.

The Petrotechnics ‘Train the Trainer’ programme provided the ideal means of overcoming the language barrier by empowering local Sakhalin Energy experts, standardising competency and training delivery across assets and introducing a regular independent and objective certification to maintain quality over time. Sakhalin Energy expects this new model to deliver significant improvement in the consistency and flexibility of their training delivery capabilities.

“Having strong in-house safety expertise is about establishing the basis for a sustainable competitive advantage built on safety and efficiency. Our “Train the Trainer” programme was designed to enable the agile and consistent delivery of hazard awareness and control of work courses to large numbers of individuals without the cost or dependence of external suppliers”, said Simon Jones, Head of Projects from Petrotechnics. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done in service of this goal with Sakhalin Energy. We believe that this is a key step in empowering the workforce to do more work safely across all of their assets”, added Jones.

“Since we implemented Petrotechnics’ “Integrated Safe System Of Work” in 2005, Sakhalin Energy became the first Russian company to use an electronic permit to work system. Its usage was approved by technical regulatory bodies of Russian Federation and it drove other Russian companies to implement electronic systems of work following Sakhalin Energy’s example”, said Evgeny Nazarov, Senior Operations HSE Engineer at Sakhalin Energy. “Once again we are leading the way by developing high quality locally sourced safety expertise, using market leading methodologies and consistent standards across our entire operations. The ‘Train the Trainer’ programme provided by Petrotechnics is a key step forward in enhancing the efficiency of using such systems, enabling the company to provide cost-efficient and local capabilities. Educating and training our personnel becomes less of a challenge and we’re able to empower individuals for maximum performance on demand, now that we have certified trainers available and on-site. The expertise and guidance from Petrotechnics who have years of experience in this domain has been invaluable and we look forward to continuing working with them”, added Nazarov.

Petrotechnics has been working with customers in hazardous industries for over 15 years, providing practical solutions to transform and improve frontline performance. This latest innovation comes as a result of working closely with customers to understand their needs and ensure that the relevant tools area available to help them improve production efficiency and lower operational risk.

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