Petrotechnics Hosts Industry Experts at Oil and Gas Safety Bootcamp


27 February 2012

Petrotechnics, the global leader in the provision of frontline work execution solutions to the oil and gas sector, is to join industry experts, hosting the forthcoming Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) bootcamp.

Representatives from the company, including senior consultant Errol Eccles and Thane Russey, who has responsibility for business development in the Americas, will join attendees from firms including Occidental Oil and Gas, The Linde Group and TOTAL, as part of a debate around process safety management (PSM) and Work Execution.

The event, which will take the form of an intensive four-day course, will take place from February 27 to March 1. Attendees will take part in workshops and case study presentations, addressing topics including the various types of Process Hazard Analysis and principles of risk management.

A technical course will also be delivered by lead CCPS instructor, Don Abrahamson, who has more than 40 years of experience in Process Safety Management, working with a number of companies, including Celanese and Occidental Chemical.

Petrotechnics’ decision to host the bootcamp is part of the firm’s wider aim of promoting best practice and safety across the energy sector. The firm is also hosting a number of its own events, including a business breakfast in Calgary, Canada, on March 7 at the Calgary Economic Development Centre, with a further session in the same month at its Houston office. Both will focus on the risks associated with work execution and the management of cumulative risk.

Mike Neill, president of Petrotechnics USA, said: “We are an active and committed organisation with a genuine interest in keeping people safe; after all, they are the most important resource of any business.

“The oil and gas industry is arguably one of the riskiest in the world and while significant investment has been made in terms of planning and production, the execution of work at the frontline tends to be overlooked. While there is an abundance of robust systems and tools to manage process safety, plant integrity and occupational safety, there is a lack of support in the middle, work execution. This is the process by which people undertake work at the frontline, interaction that can result in increased operational risk.

“Recognising the significant value that can be gained by improving this process, we are absolutely dedicated to educating our industry peers and sharing best practice to ensure that we continue to improve operational standards and performance for the benefit of the entire energy sector. These events are just one way of supporting our ambitions of ensuring a safer future for all.”

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