Petrotechnics Increases Presence in Oman


20 May 2011

Petrotechnics, the global leader in transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of frontline operations in the oil and gas industry, has formed a partnership with Rukun Al Yaqeen (RAY) International Oil & Gas to provide the Sentinel PRO® system in Oman.

RAY, an established leader in Oman is a provider of oil and gas well services for Maintenance and Integrity, Well Cementing and Stimulation, Wireline, Laboratory and Environmental Services.

Petrotechnics’ electronic integrated safe system of work, Sentinel PRO®, recognises and overcomes the challenges in the unstructured and dynamic nature of managing operations, maintenance and associated activity in the oil and gas industry.

The web based system controls this through a unified business process, integrating permit to work, risk assessment and isolation management and delivers it to the frontline user in an intuitive graphical real-time software tool.

RAY was recognised in providing process safety management solutions in 2010 when it was awarded the inspection contract for all explosion proof (EXE) compliance of all electrical installations and equipment in Petroleum Development Oman’s (PDO) production facilities. In addition to Sentinel PRO®, RAY has introduced other process safety management solutions this year, such as best practice standards for hot work on live production facilities, thermo graphic gas imaging for immediate detection and quantification of gaseous loss of containment, as-built 3D solutions.

Iain Mackay, executive vice president of Petrotechnics, said: “Oman has huge potential and we expect to see strong growth in the Middle East this year. We are delighted to form a partnership with RAY International Oil & Gas.

“Sentinel PRO® incorporates our global experience of business process and effective work activity management, resulting in tangible safety and efficiency improvements. We hope this partnership will provide existing and potential customers operating in the region with the high standards of customer service and support on a local level.”

Zakaria Abdul Aziz, managing director of RAY said: ” We believe that oil & gas operators implementing Sentinel PRO® in Oman can make a difference to their business in having better control of non-productive time, and more importantly, as a responsible operator making their job safer, reducing risks to their workers and assets, putting them in the category of world class operators.”

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