Petrotechnics Speaks to Oil & Gas Middle East About Growth in Region


Petrotechnics New Regional Middle East Manager, Stuart Douglas speaks to Oil & Gas Middle East about his new position and Petrotechnics growth.

When Petrotechnics appointed two new members to its Middle East team, the company had one thing in mind – to grow the business in the region

Expanding Petrotechnics’ footprint in the region appears to be an ambition that Stuart Douglas, the company’s new regional sales manager, takes to heart. He said: “My personal strategy for the business is that we gain market awareness of Petrotechnics. The long-term is to then move that awareness into securing business.”

Having spent his entire career in business development, ten of which in oil and gas, Douglas certainly has a lot to offer. He has worked with oil and gas companies from all corners of the world, including this region, where he focused on supplying risk and reliability software.

“I have a lot of experience with the national oil companies and government organisations. That is why my experience fits with Petrotechnics platform to grow the business here moving forward over the coming years,” he said.

While many fear their business will be jeopardised by the lower oil price, Douglas says the volatility on the market is doing just the opposite – it is creating opportunities for those ready to seize them.

“We’ve got a low oil price environment at the moment. We find that in a low oil price environment companies are looking for ways to maximise their profit and make sure their operations are more streamlined. That in effect helped Petrotechnics because we are looking to help organisations streamline their processes and make their operations more efficient.”

Douglas arrived in the region three years ago and he now lives in Dubai with his wife and eight-year old son. But living in the U.A.E was not new to him at all.

“It’s kind of home from home. I spent all my primary years here in Abu Dhabi and then Muscat in Oman so I am very familiar with the culture and the business in the Middle East. My father worked for an oil and gas organisation in Abu Dhabi, a government owned oil operating company back in the 80s. I stayed here in Abu Dhabi with my family for a good number of years. Then we moved to Muscat in Oman where my father took up a position for another oil operating company in Oman. Although not exactly working on rigs, Douglas did follow in his father’s footsteps. With oil and gas being the industry he wanted to enter for a long time, he appears to have found his place with Petrotechnics.

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